Types of Sex Addiction

The truth is that, if it’s ruining your life, it’s an addiction.

In the case of sex addiction, it’s all a matter of degree. Someone who isn’t a sex addict can go a long period of time without sex. Whether they’re in between relationships, away from their partner, or are dealing with a serious illness, they can abstain from sex without any issues. For a sex addict, that’s a feat that’s unthinkable.

Sex addiction can take on many forms, including porn addiction.

Here are some of the most common:

Online Porn addiction

This can escalate into more explicit and/or violent porn, as well as gay porn and even child pornography.

Masturbation addiction

A by-product of other sexual addictions. Masturbation addiction is an addiction to the high that an orgasm provides.

Online hookups/Cam Girls

This is another next step for porn addicts. They provide a “real” woman and even some semblance of a relationship (though it doesn’t provide the closeness and satisfaction of real intimacy).

Strip clubs and/or massage parlors

This is often a next step for porn addicts, when they want to see real people.

Chronic infidelity

This is a result of sex addiction. When you are caught up in the addiction, you become desensitized to a normal sexual relationship. This causes you to look elsewhere for satisfaction and fulfillment.

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