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This is it, this is the time, this is the change you're looking for.
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Meet Daniel Brown

Director of Rapid Results and Former Addict


Fast Results with our Complete Program.

1 on 1 Sessions

Private sessions with Daniel are where your recovery will truly be accelerated. Choose from one, two or four sessions per month based on your needs.

On Call Support

You'll have access to Daniel via text or email when you need help with an immediate struggle.

Group Meetings

Every week you'll have the option to join our group meetings and video lesson. The best part: You can remain anonymous while still enjoying camaraderie with other men who know right where you are.

Addicts for Addicts

Daniel was a former addict who succeeded in his fight against sexual addiction. He's been where you are, and he can help you leave the suffocation of your addiction behind.

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If you have questions about Rapid Results, feel free to call us at 925-932-0201 or schedule a time to talk to Daniel on his calendar:
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