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Neulia is the online addiction solution that grew out of the highly successful thirty-year counseling practice of George Collins, M.A., author of the best-selling book “Breaking the Cycle: Free Yourself from Porn Addiction, Sex Obsession, and Shame.

Neulia’s online video courses exist to offer a proven solution to the problems of addiction and sexually compulsive behaviors.

The techniques and methods demonstrated in the videos are explained in an easy-to-understand and thought-provoking style and have benefitted thousands of individuals around the world.

Session 1: Stop the Pull of Porn

Session 2: The Blond In The Beemer — What To Do When You’re Out Of Control

Session 3:Your Story—Dealing with Shame

Session 4: Blue Sky and High Heels: Your Story and Your Triggers

Session 5: Your Moment of Truth: What’s Always True

Session 6: Your Red Light Guy: You Always Have a Choice

Session 7: Uncovering Your Basic Emotional Wound

Session 8: Who’s in Charge? Taking a stand with your addict

Session 9: Intimacy

Session 10: Help Yourself by Helping Others. How to stop yourself from relapsing.

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