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 A Solution for Porn Addiction in Your Church

We’d like to help you address one of the toughest issues in your church. 

Because porn and other sexual addictions become so deeply rooted in the mind and heart, it can be difficult for people to break free and repair the broken relationships that result. We hear from pastors that don't know how to address this issue in their church; we want to help.  

We offer three products to help pastors and their congregation approach the issue of porn addiction. 

Direct Referral

Perfect for pastors who want an expert resource for referring individual men.

Rapid Results helps men get fast results on their road to recovery. Each week they will get a video lesson and can join our group call. 

The best part: Men can remain anonymous while still enjoying camaraderie with other men who understand where they are. Plus, men have the option of adding private one-on-one sessions with Daniel to up their accountability and drive their recovery. 

All group sessions are done online.

Cost varies based on plan.

Training for Pastors

Perfect for pastors who want to equip themselves to help men in their church. 

For pastors who want to learn how to help men in their church overcome porn addiction.

4 Lessons over 4 Weeks 

1. Why They Can't Stop 2. The Renewing of Their Mind 3. Porn and Marriage 4. Intimacy in Relationships and Community

Cost: $299 

Group Sessions

Perfect for small groups and men's groups who want an experienced expert to facilitate.

For churches who want us to facilitate a group session, once a week for 6 weeks. Daniel will join over video for the session. 

6 Sessions over 6 weeks

1. Owning Your Sexuality 2. You are not Your Mind 3. Clues to Your Unique Story 4. Where You Hurt the Most: Your Original Emotional Wound 5. What to do When You are out of Control 6. The Incredible Pleasure of True Intimacy

Cost: $499 

We'd Like to Help

Tell us below which of our products you would like more information about. We'll call you to talk about it within 24 hours.