The Rapid Results Program

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...and a group of men who have been right where you are.

Join Daniel's group sessions. Get faster results.

In the Rapid Results program you’ll dive more deeply into the 10 lessons from the video course and also receive 15 new video lessons from Daniel to create a challenging, results driven course. Each week you get a private session with Daniel, a video lesson, and a group online/phone class. During the class we discuss the lesson for that week, dive deeper into it, and talk about our progress around it. Plus there will be time for you to talk about your hangups, struggles, progress, and victories (if you want to).

If you're looking for accountability, camaraderie and the chance to break free of this behavior, give the group program a try. If you'd like to discuss feel free to schedule a time to talk on my calendar.

What You'll Get in Rapid Results:

Weekly video lessons on the lessons in the course PLUS fifteen additional lessons.

Weekly group sessions with Daniel and other men who have been where you are.

Access to a discussion board and app for daily interaction.

Private one-on-one sessions with Daniel.

***All inquiries are confidential
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Daniel, I'm getting way more than I expected from the basic group package. No lie, it took me about two and a half, three weeks after being in group to get my head out of my ass. Looked in the mirror shaving after work one day and thought, what the hell am I doing to myself.

Thank you

- Rapid Results Member

Daniel Brown


Daniel knows the way out of sex addiction because he overcame his own addiction. He uses his compassion and experience help his clients find a better life free from porn and sex addiction.