James Gallegos Client Comments

Thank you for your ability to match my energy, and your personableness and humor that you bring to your job….very much appreciated. Archie

James, as I told you recently, you have been supportive, non-judgmental, insightful, sometimes even funny, and always instrumental in my ability to see things in a new way and to begin the process of transformation. I also appreciate the fact that you’ve been where I am now and are further along the path, keeping me ON it and helping me along. Thanks so much. Bill

James, gratitude is not a quality I have had much in my life so far and I find myself awakening to it. I feel gratitude for you holding the space for me to be whoever I am in the moment. I feel gratitude for you dedicating your work to walking with others in this affliction that has caused you (yourself) so much suffering. I want to tell you that you are a pioneer. I think, at this point, I am just an intelligent and (driven by truth) mascotAden

I was just reflecting on my new life and the lack of pull in dangerous directions. I have you, largely (almost entirely), to thank for that. I really appreciate all your help and understanding. Worth every penny. Just the fact that you’re on the earth is a blessing. I’m glad of what you went through to get where you are. Keep on doing what you’re doing because you’re helping people. Jack

James I have lived with this problem for many years. I have not met anyone who has had the understanding that you have. I have liked your approach so far very much and I am keen to continue. Ian

Good afternoon, you crossed my mind today as I took my son and daughter to soccer practice, then swimming, then the mall. I just browsed through my wallet and counted $262, and felt so good about the fact that this money is for mothers day presents. Felt good to “feel” what it may have been like if I used it for other purposes. Steven