For Female Sex Addicts

Do you feel guilty, tainted in some way because you watch porn and/or have sex with men you barely know?
Do you feel undesirable and scared a lot of the time?
Are you lonely and believe something might be terribly wrong with you?

Every day we talk to women who feel this way.
Women who don’t value themselves because they feel left out of the coupled world. You are not alone.
We specialize in treating compulsive sex addicts … women as well as men. As women our sexual actions and energies have always been looked at differently than those of men. And they are different — because we are motivated by very different needs and feelings. We are treated differently than men are in this world. After all there’s no Sports Illustrated Men’s Swimsuit issue.
As women we sometimes use our bodies to attract men because we crave connection with another human being. Quite often having sex with a man does not satisfy us sexually. Once the man is satisfied he leaves us. We are left to self-care and can end up lonelier than we were before we connected with the man.

So why do we engage in this behavior?

We all have our reasons but often it’s our hunger to be connected to another human being, our hunger for relationship. If you find yourself wondering if you are addicted to pornography or sex you may be.
We know first-hand how hard it is to be a woman with healthy self-esteem in this world. We get it because we are women — and guess what? We aren’t perfect either; we are real live women who are trained to reach out and help you.
We will not judge you; we will really listen to you and offer you some help.
Nothing is wrong with you that you cannot fix once you understand how you got here.
We actually care what happens to you. So call 925-932-0201, or send me a message using the Contact Us form below and I will get back to you.

Your information is always strictly confidential. Never shared with anyone ever.
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Faye Reitman holds a masters degree in Counseling Psychology from National University. She is a licensed therapist with 18 years experience. Much of her work has centered around adolescent and adult development, addiction,, co-dependency and self-esteem issues. Faye is experienced in working with couples, parent and child issues, extended family relationships as well as issues of grief and loss. She is especially skilled in working with the unique challenges that modern women and men are faced with in their daily lives.
Formerly an exhibiting artist Faye believes in the innate creativity of all humans to improve to quality of their personal lives and relationships and that we all need some focused guidance from time to time. Faye has grown children and grandchildren.


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