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This video course is the perfect starting place for anyone struggling with sex or porn addiction. Covering a wide range of topics, you can work through this course on your own schedule to start experiencing hope today!

Our Ten Lesson Video Course Give You The Resources To Begin Your Journey To Recovery Anywhere At Anytime

Your $59.00 One -
Time Payment Gets You Access To:

Lesson 1. Stop the Pull of Porn
Lesson 2. The Blond in the Beemer
Lesson 3. Dealing with Your Shame
Lesson 4. Blue Sky and the High Heels
Lesson 5. Your Moment of Truth
Lesson 6. Your Red Light Guy
Lesson 7. Uncovering Your Basic Original Wound
Lesson 8. Who’s In Charge
Lesson 9. Intimacy
Lesson 10. Take My Job


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Watching this course I learned that my behavior was never the “real me,” it was my “false self.” A coping strategy for deep rooted pain. I learned to stop, to forgive myself, and to love myself. To see myself for who I really am. My family and I are forever grateful. Thank You.

Pete, Toronto, Canada

This course is excellent. So glad I found it. I had private counseling and it was nowhere near as good as this course. Well worth the money and it works if you put the work in. Thank you so much Neulia for saving my life!


After struggling with a porn obsession for my entire adult life
I was on the brink of losing my 20 year marriage when I found Neulia and this course. Once the layers of my addiction were exposed I learned to have a totally fulfilling relationship with my wife. Thank you for everything.