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  • Lesson 1. Stop the Pull of Porn
  • Lesson 2. The Blond in the Beemer
  • Lesson 3. Dealing with Your Shame
  • Lesson 4. Blue Sky and the High Heels
  • Lesson 5. Your Moment of Truth
  • Lesson 6. Your Red Light Guy
  • Lesson 7. Uncovering Your Basic Original Wound
  • Lesson 8. Who’s In Charge
  • Lesson 9. Intimacy
  • Lesson 10. Take My Job

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Neulia is based on the highly successful thirty-year counseling practice of George Collins, M.A., author of the best-selling book “Breaking the Cycle: Free Yourself from Porn Addiction, Sex Obsession, and Shame.” Our program has benefitted thousands of individuals around the world.

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