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Discreet Ways to Get Sex Addiction Treatment

If you are considering seeking sex addiction help, you may feel held back by feelings of embarrassment or shame. You want help, but you don’t want anyone to know that you need help. These feelings are common. Sex addiction therapists understand the sensitive nature of these struggles and make your confidentiality their highest priority. Here are some ways to start getting help now in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

Find Support Online

Yes, the internet is chock-full of porn. But it’s also full of resources that can help you on your journey toward recovery. Neulia Compulsion Solutions offers a Rapid Results Program that is exclusively online. Learn more about the online programs offered by Daniel Brown, Compulsion Solutions’ Coach and Mentor. Daniel has been in your shoes. He went through sex addiction recovery and is now helping others find the same freedom.

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Seek Out Individual Counseling For Sex Addiction Recovery

Counseling is an essential component of your sex addiction recovery. One-on-one counseling can be offered in person, over the phone, or even via Skype. Neulia offers exceptionally effective counseling services that can fit into any schedule or lifestyle. When you sign up for one-on-one sessions with Neulia Compulsion Solutions, you get:

  • Weekly sessions with one of our team members
  • Homework and email correspondence between sessions
  • Daily “bookending” to drive sobriety
  • An “Emergency Trigger 911” number to call if you are about to act out

Build Up the Courage to Tell Someone You Trust

While the desire to keep your sex addictions a secret may be overpowering realize that there is freedom in telling the truth. Shame festers in the shadows but dissolves in the bright light of day. A good place to start might be a support group with other people with similar struggles. It can be so freeing to know that you’re not alone. Many sex addicts suffer in isolation for far too long. They feel like no one needs to know because they are “only hurting themselves.” But please ask yourself, even if that was true, why is that ok? You are strong enough to be brave. Get help today.

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