Work through the effects of sexual addictions — together

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“I have truly enjoyed this book and it has helped me not only in my romantic relationship but also in my other relationships. The Collins have a simple and elegant way of describing our problems and giving exercises and examples of how to improve our relationships.
This is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone.” – Amazon Reviewer


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Rebuild Trust. Restore Intimacy.

Sexual addictions are a condition that affects people’s relationships with others as much as it affects their own mental state. Individuals who need sex addiction recovery typically pursue sex through any means possible and often engage in risky forms of sexual activity. It’s easy to see how a couple’s relationship may be challenged by the manifestations and reality of a disorder like this one.

A Couple’s Guide to Sexual Addiction discusses common relationship issues within the context of sexual addictions and provides the reader with exercises, information, and advice on rebuilding trust, healthy communication, healthy sexuality, and sexual behaviors, and family.

By understanding the reality of sexual addictions and what they mean for a relationship, couples will be able to better relate to each other and plan for a successful future.

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Paldrom and George Collins

Married to a former sex addict, Paldrom has a thorough understanding of sexually compulsive behavior. Previously a Buddhist nun, her kind and compassionate manner is integral in helping partners resolve their issues of co-dependency and co-addiction.

George is a former sex addict and founder and director of Neulia, by Compulsion Solutions, an outpatient counseling service that helps sex and porn addicts get their lives back. George is also a professional member of the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health.


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