Compulsion Solutions Retreat at Lake Tahoe

An exclusive retreat was offered to a handful of current and previous Compulsion Solutions clients who spent a weekend at beautiful Lake Tahoe at an amazing, exclusive lodge on the lake.

This retreat was for those men who were ready to elevate and expand their current awareness and capacities, with a specific focus on “What’s Left?” in terms of addiction and addictive behaviors. What one participant emailed us summarized the experience for many:

With some trepidation I attended a previous Compulsion Solutions retreat at Lake Tahoe. Having never attended this type of program before, I was blown away by the ease with which I could join others in sharing my darkest moments, de-mystifying these behaviors which had kept me captive for so many years. The CS team skillfully brought together a group of patients with a shared desire to create a more intimate life for themselves and their families, free of compulsive and addictive behaviors.

Although from different backgrounds and in varying stages of recovery, we found we shared  a common language as participants in the CS program, regardless of who our counselor was. This made it easy to participate in exercises in which we learned from our past “stories,”  symbolically put these stories behind us, and  formed supportive friendships and “toolkits” for dealing with “what’s left?” of our addictions in the future.
As former addicts, out CS counselors did not just direct the proceedings in a cold, formal manner but rather exercised their counseling skills through full participation and sharing in the event. We participants are now in daily communication in support of each other, and are already beginning to plan our next retreat. I heartily recommend the process for anyone wishing to continue their progress towards a life free from compulsion and addictive behaviors.

If you would like to be notified when the next retreat is planned, let me know…


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  1. Wow! This was an amazing weekend and I’m so proud of the incredible work our guys did. The growth was tremendous and I’m honored to help these fine men heal in deep and profound ways. The activities and exercises were transformative. I can’t wait until the next one.

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