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Not only has George’s work helped me out of the “cycle” of addiction, it has opened my mind and my heart to the fact that I am not my mind. For many of us with sex addiction/compulsion, this is only one of many maladaptive behaviors. I now understand that I have spent my life running, hiding and fighting from/against my inner pain and sadness, my feelings of worthlessness and shame. For the first time I understand who I really am and that I do not have to live the way I have been.


George Collins has felt the dark and “Noir” side of sexual addiction and is here on the other side (recovery) to share his techniques on how it will work for you.


This is a real, in your face, no-b*llsh!t, mash-up of: (1) his journey from a raging sex addict to a nationally recognized expert, healer, and therapist; (2) simple PRACTICAL tools HE used that will profoundly accelerate YOUR recovery (and change your life); and (3) The perfect blend of Science and Spirituality — to explain exactly what is exploding in your head and body (knowledge is information). It changed me and it can do the same for you.


Good encouragement and simple but effective exercises to develop a new mind set and lifestyle. The goal of intimacy is very much worth it.

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