Addicts for Addicts

We’ve been right where you are, and we got our lives back. You can, too.


George Collins, MA

Counselor and Director of Compulsion Solutions

George Collins is the founder and director of Neulia, Compulsion Solutions. He is recognized as an expert on sexually compulsive behavior, participating in forums on pornography and sexual compulsion and has been a guest on local, national, and international radio and television shows.

George didn’t just go to college and read about sexually compulsive behavior. He lived “the life” and got over it. Who is better able to help you than a former sex addict?

George holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (with a Transpersonal Specialization) from John F. Kennedy University.

George is author of the best-selling book: Breaking the Cycle: Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame, and co-author of: A Couple’s Guide to Sexual Addiction.

Read about his early recovery days and the path that led him to a best-selling book.


Daniel Brown, Director of Rapid Results

Director of Rapid Results Groups & Programs 

After trying other therapists and methods of recovery, Daniel found George Collins and Neulia, by Compulsion Solutions. Through his work with George, he took control of his sex addiction, and now he wants to help other men do the same.

Daniel runs Rapid Results, a fast-paced, anonymous group session program designed to help individuals understand and free themselves from addiction.

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James Gallegos, MA

Therapist; Individual and Group Counseling

James knows first-hand what it’s like to struggle with sexually compulsive behavior and how it can eat away at family life. As someone who has “been there”, he is committed to helping individuals and families rebuild trust and healthy communication practices in their relationships. His personable and non-judgmental nature allows him to work effectively with men, women, couples, and teenage boys.

James is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, and has trained under George Collins.

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Support for Partners of Sex Addicts

If your partner is a sex addict, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions. Faye Reitman is highly experienced and qualified in helping women work through the unique challenges and grief that come with a partner’s sex addiction.

Call Faye now at 925-932-0201.

Faye Reitman, MA / Therapist for Partners and Couples 

Faye has 18 years of experience as a licensed therapist. Much of her work has centered around adolescent and adult development, addiction, co-dependency and self-esteem issues. Faye is experienced in working with couples, parent and child issues, extended family relationships as well as coping with grief and loss. She is especially skilled in working with the unique challenges that modern women and men are faced with in their daily lives. Faye Reitman holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from National University.